At many levels, our world is experiencing rapid change. Big trends are changing how we live and work. To avoid unintended consequences, we need to be active participants in designing a future people need.

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.”
— Buckminster Fuller

my work

I work at the intersection of design, innovation, sustainability and education.

By working with a network of expert collaborators, I use methods and mindsets from a range of design, agile, lean and facilitation practices to map complex problems and design new programs, business models, products or services. The result is the alignment of strategic aims, human experience, quality design and impact.

About me


Kim Shore
Strategic Designer, Human Centred Researcher and Facilitator

Kim is passionate about working with multidisciplinary teams to understand complex problems and design creative and strategic solutions for positive impact.

Whether located within an enterprise or large organisation, Kim enjoys running a rigorous process of design thinking | human centred design to help leaders and teams form a shared understanding of the problem area, generate new ideas and design human centred solutions. Kim also supports lean & agile implementation and evaluation — for tangible results.

With a past life in a B Corp law firm advising social enterprises and startups, Kim brings a multidisciplinary mindset to service design. While always learning new techniques and approaches, Kim has a diversity of experience in design, law, consulting, facilitation and leadership. He has designed and facilitated service/product design sprints for education startups to large Government departments; designed and facilitated business model generation programs for technology enterprises and large nonprofits organisations; developed and facilitated design thinking workshops for universities and international NFPs; worked as first employee at Peer Academy, a design and education startup; and managed a youth program leading delegations to UNFCCC negotiations and the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals forum. He has degrees in economics, international relations and law, with further training in facilitation, design thinking and leadership.


Qualifications and Training

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims”
— Buckminster Fuller

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From small things, big things grow.


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