I work on a range of projects, from small workshop-based engagements to longer programmatic projects; with an internal team or as part of custom-built external team.

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“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
— Abraham Lincoln




Value: Sprint Innovation Project combine design strategy, design thinking, agile UX and lean innovation methodologies to explore a complex challenge, use lateral thinking to generate new ideas and design new solutions. I use different tools and techniques to design a rigorous process that addresses your challenge and builds capability in your team.

Who is it for? Any organisation with a complex challenge to frame as an opportunity for innovation. The object may include understanding a challenge, or (re)designing a new product, service, initiative or intervention. 

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Design THinking/HCD Workshops 

Value: workshop design and facilitation for training in design thinking, human centred design, design strategy, design research, ideation, prototyping, and more. The aim is to create engaging and action-based learning experiences for teams or groups, centred around solving a real world problem and using new ways of thinking to design solutions. 

Who is it for? Organisation or teams looking to build capability. I can deliver customised training on methods, processes and mindsets — or work with your specific design challenge to rapidly workshop your problem or generate ideas to achieve your goals. 


Business Model GENeRATION Programs & Workshops

Value: explore, map and design your business model by integrating strategy and design principles into your business thinking and processes. This can include exercises and workshops for service design, brand design, leadership, legal strategy, agile project management, partnership brokering or impact business model mapping exercises.

Who is it for? Small to medium sized enterprises wanting to clarify purpose, explore impact business models, understand users, explore strategies and generate ideas and solutions for your impact business.

Case Studies




Collaborating with Huddle (human centred design agency), we supported Quitch to design a future product interface for its mobile learning app and integrate human centred design into its business for design-led growth.

The Issue

How might Quitch understand, prioritise and integrate a diverse range of customer and end user group needs? The aim was to improve educational outcomes and design a learning app for global scalability. 

What We Did

We collaborated with the Quitch team over three months to run two design sprints – a design research sprint and an ideation sprint. 

The Outcome

  • Solution for improving user experience: we identified a large gap between brand promise and user experience and created a future user interface based on user experience design, learning needs and visual analytics. 

  • Strategic design focus: the diversity across education sectors required prioritisation: and our product strategy provided focus for global scalability.

  • Creating new pages and features: by identifying how and why people learn, we created new features and pages in the app to enable learning.

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Supported Digital Storytellers to plan and run a co-design day with the intention of understanding how to co-design a solution that better supports a community of Impact Storytellers.

The Issue

Digital Storytellers are a purpose-driven B Corp, driven to create a better narrative for the world. To scale their impact, the team worked with the design challenge: how might we co-create a collaborative space that collectively builds the culture and craft of impact storytelling?

What We Did

The day started with connection, empathy and listening to each other’s stories. We then dived into World Cafe open space technology to understand the problem space; synthesised the problem space into emerging themes and then ran a rapid brainstorming session to co-create ideas.

The Outcome

  • Design research: shared understanding and connection within the community of storytellers.

  • Stakeholder relationships: deeper understanding of the people and needs within this community.

  • New ideas and solutions: a range of validated ideas derived from human needs for prioritisation and development.

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CLIMATE Platform design for GOvernment


The Government’s climate policy includes provision of climate information for users and decision makers.

The Issue

The challenge was how might the government design a new version of the climate data portal and delivery system, that meets the needs of users and meets climate policy objectives?

What We Did

Designed a Service Design process, using Design Thinking and Agile|UX methods, to run sprints over four months. We researched global trends and current user experience before generating and testing prototypes for a new climate data portal.

The Outcome

  • Strategic alignment and cooperation among stakeholders

  • Design research to understand the current user experience and opportunities for innovation

  • A prototype of a climate data portal that would meet world standards

Designing a Law Lab for a community legal centre


A community legal centre launched an internal innovation initiative, called the Sustainability Law Lab.

The Issue

The challenge was how might the Centre develop a new internal program that invents new ways of providing legal services to energy enterprises and in a way that supports organisational goals

What We Did

Designed and executed business model generation plan, including business model development, user and context research, partnership brokering and development, and brand creation. I also delivered service design projects, such as user research workshops with customers, educational workshops with students; developed a law app and delivered other legal projects.

The Outcome

  • Deep research into the viability and need of the sustainability law lab as a program within the organisation for the clean energy sector.

  • Innovative legal services, including open source legal documents, group training community solar organisations and developing a law app for legal structures.

  • Designed a new legal identify and social enterprise service within EJA.


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business model and brand design for a big data company


Designing a business model generation plan, brand and website for big data consultancy specialising in natural hazard data modelling services.

The Issue

How might we formulate a strategic business plan to design a new business model that meets end user needs?  

What We Did

We co-created and executed a business model design plan: 1) strategy and business model mapping workshops, 2) user and market research and 3) brand development workshop, 4) website design.

The Outcome

  • Problem, customer and solution hypotheses statements

  • Customer profile insights to feed into creating value propositions

  • New brand personality, vision, mission and value propositions to tell the HazDat story

  • New customers and projects

See website here: https://www.hazdat.io/

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